The performance from year to year

Litigation battle over a water utility business

Our client, a utilities holding company and a regional government entered into a cooperation agreement on the development of water utility services in the region. The control over the water utilities network was transferred to our client.

Access to LTE network on market conditions

The client and the state-controlled operator have reached a preliminary agreement, whereby the parties intended to conclude the main contract allowing the state-controlled operator access to the client’s LTE network.

Auto group successfully escaped bankruptcy

A Russian auto group asked us for assistance. Its unappealing financial state was aggravated by the prospect of a significant increase in past-due debt. A major bank submitted the claim for collecting the loans totaling over 9.5 billion Rubles.

A Russian company vindicated its rights to manufacture of a generic drug

Developer of the original medical drug wished to prevent a Russian company from selling a generic drug. According to the developer, our client had violated the rights related to information about preclinical and clinical testing of the original drug and thus had no right to market the generic drug.