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Dispute with Largest Developer Regarding Payments for Interconnection Services


Our client, a leading private operator in housing and communal services, requested our assistance in a dispute with their region’s largest developer regarding recovery of connection fee. The project was of special importance for the client: had the case been lost, the client would not have been able to collect billions of rubles from dishonest subscribers for illegal interconnections.


We adjusted the position, presenting convincing arguments before the courts. In the context of strong resistance and a high level of aggressiveness on the part of our opponents, our well-founded argument became the key to our success in the case.


We managed to carry the case at all court instances. The steps we took after the completion of the proceedings to achieve actual recovery of the amounts of judgement helped our client to recover the money both promptly and in full. Not only was our client able to collect hundreds of millions of rubles, but there was also set a judicial precedent as an effective tool for future collecting of multi-billion ruble payments from dishonest subscribers.

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