Born to fight

have successfully completed

over 5000

court cases

top 3 M&A


in Russia

in 2022

have been victorious

in 4 out

of every 5

in-court disputes

21% of our projects​

involve risks

over $ 50



  1. You are involved in litigation/arbitration with significant financial and/or reputational risks.
  2. Bankruptcy, corporate conflict, dispute over a major asset, raider attack.
  3. Litigation or project abroad: you need to form and manage international legal team.
  4. Important transaction with a major asset. You need a comprehensive due diligence of the legal risks.
  5. Your business came across a complex legal issue that requires a tailor-made solution.


We’ve been working on the legal market since 2001.

Our core competences are business law litigation, commercial arbitration and projects where the outcome is determined by success in litigation and/or arbitration: bankruptcies, corporate conflicts, acquisitions and restructuring of problem assets. 

Our clients are large and mid-sized Russian and foreign businesses, entrepreneurs, affluent individuals.

Our projects

Consumer extremism as a business model

Our client, a major residential property developer requested our assistance in tackling the consumer extremism problem. In some regions, where the developer had built apartment blocks, some opportunistically minded lawyers collected powers of attorney for representation in the court from the residents to file suits for compensation of revealed construction deficiencies on a mass scale.

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