The performance from year to year

Saving car dealership business and creating a precedent

Our client, the largest in Eastern Europe dealer of a premium car manufacturer, was in conflict with an importer, who declared the termination of the dealership contract, citing its right to do so in accordance with contract terms.

Arbitration dispute in Stockholm completed on client’s terms

During the proceedings at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, we have represented our client in a dispute with his former partner, who demanded the dissolution of a successfully operating joint venture, and the return of invested assets – shares, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, of a major Russian and international natural resources monopolist.

Car manufacturer versus tax authorities over 1.3 bln in tax

Tax Service resolved that our client, a major Russian car manufacturer was liable for taxes and fines totaling over 1.3 bln Rubles. The payment of claimed taxes and fines could have substantially affected the client’s financial standing, requiring a review of certain business processes, which would have required time and financial resources.

Publishing house defended its right to publish official information

A major Russian publishing house retained us to represent its interests in three interconnected disputes with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The Ministry carried out a tender to select a designated publication to publish official information.

A major Russian bank disputed the fine laid upon it by FAS

In this project, our primary objective was to find legal arguments and convincing evidence to allow the courts to review this dispute based on the merits of this particular case, rather than based on common practice, where courts typically side with the FAS and automatically recognize banks as violators of fair competition laws.

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