The performance from year to year

Dispute with Government Concerning Unilateral Increase of Rent

Our client, one of the largest private operators in housing and communal services, requested our assistance in a dispute with the administration of one of Russia’s regions concerning unilateral raising of the rental rate for using the housing and communal services infrastructure in the region.

Punishing a Fraudster

To accelerate registration of the ownership rights to the premises, the employee filed a claim with the court on recognizing his ownership rights to the property, providing a payment order confirming payment of more than one hundred million rubles of the purchase price.

Consumer extremism as a business model

Our client, a major residential property developer requested our assistance in tackling the consumer extremism problem. In some regions, where the developer had built apartment blocks, some opportunistically minded lawyers collected powers of attorney for representation in the court from the residents to file suits for compensation of revealed construction deficiencies on a mass scale.

Dispute over apatite prices could cause a shutdown of plants

Our client, a major producer of fertilizers entered into a contract for the supply of apatite concentrate with a supplier. During the course of contract fulfillment, a dispute arose concerning the interpretation of the pricing clause (price formula).