The performance from year to year

Group of Companies STS LOGISTICS

A distinct advantage of the Forward Legal team is a high level of expertise, a comprehensive vision of the situation, and the ability to find an ultimate solution to various legal challenges.

Aleksey Chernetsov Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance
ChemRar High-Tech Center

In our case, they quickly captured not only the legal essence, but also industry specifics. Always responsive to our requests, they informed us immediately about all the nuances of the case.

Dmitry V. Kravchenko President

They are calm and confident problem solvers who always provide a realistic assessment of any situation however complex and multifaceted. They strive to assist and do so with the utmost professionalism and effectiveness.

Vadim S. Yakunin Chairman of Board of Directors
Avilon Group of Companies, Avilon AG

The entire team is focused on results. They find creative solutions, give timely feedback, quickly resolve ongoing matters, and listen to what the client needs.

Irina Monakhova Financial Director, Member of the Management Board
MIC Group of Companies, Professional Boxing Federation of Russia

I can call the team at night and tell them that we need to fly together to America right away. I'm confident that they would not refuse and would actually do it. They react quickly, work effectively and strive to do everything that is possible.

Andrew Ryabinskiy Principal Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice President
PIK Group

I have worked with this team for over 10 years. They are the most forceful and strong-willed legal team that I know. These guys are among the few who are fully prepared to engage in a complex and difficult case and carry it through. They are a pleasure to deal with, not only due to their professionalism and innate honesty, but also due to the fact that they truly enjoy doing their work and put all their energy into it.

Sergey Gordeev Principal Shareholder and Chairman of the Management Board
Acron Group

We reach out to them in very difficult and convoluted situations, when we need an outside opinion. They grasp the essence of the problem very quickly, have a good gut feeling, ask the right questions, and offer solutions immediately.

Alexander Popov Chairman of the Board of Directors

They want to find a solution for their clients, rather than pump money out of them. They are distinguished by their focus on results, expedient feedback, prompt resolution of emerging issues, desire to listen to their clients, and client service in general.

Rustam Yuldashev Chairman of the Board of Directors
A1 Investment Company

When working with this company, I have informal access to partners. In this country, it works the best.

Andrew Tyasto Managing Director
Magnesite Group

Forward Legal team showcases creativity. This is important, especially when you find yourself in an unusual situation, in an "ambush".

Artem Tokarev Head of Legal
S7 Airlines

I have seen how honestly concerned they are, for the affairs of their client, which is very unusual to see among professionals of such caliber. It is also invaluable to see the individual approach and honest interest not only in formal execution of set tasks, but also in understanding the specifics of our business, offering the most advantageous position for us, and of course in winning!

Tatiana Lomovtseva Head of Legal
KORTROS Group of Companies

They have achieved the desired results in all litigations.

Veniamin Golubitsky President
Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

We have received the service of a very high quality. We understand exactly what we are paying for. We do not want to change lawyers.

Andrew Cherkasenko Member of the Management Board