If you can’t avoid litigation, win it


Our services comprise of:

  • litigation and arbitration in business law
  • management of complex legal projects, such as bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, problem asset restructuring and transactions, and corporate conflicts.

Our practice brings together all areas of Russian business law, from civil and land to tax and antitrust law, but with the emphasis on litigation and project work.


Our prices are transparent. When a client engage us, he or she receives an offer corresponding to our price quotes. The ranges in prices originate from differences in legal cases, the most important of which are: volume, complexity, cost, and urgency of the case. 

Fixed fees Table

Services Price / Ruble
Litigation in state arbitration courts

Court of first instance

800 000 - 2 000 000

Court of appeal

600 000 - 1 000 000

Court of cassation

400 000 - 800 000

Supreme court

1 000 000

Litigation in regular courts (for companies)

Per instance

500 000 - 800 000

Litigation in regular courts (for individuals)

Per instance

300 000 - 600 000

Structuring deals*

On average

1 000 000

Due diligence

On average

1 500 000

Structuring deals includes negotiations, documents drafting, preparation and support of corporate procedures.

Project support and commercial arbitration we charge at hourly rates. In those cases, we cannot offer our client a fixed price, as it is impossible to calculate the amount of time, which we may spend on the project or arbitration. When working at hourly rates, we send our client electronic daily/weekly/monthly (at client’s option) reports specifying the amount of time and work.

Hourly rates Table

Rate Rubles per hour

30 000


20 000


10 000


5 000